About Us
We also carry out for large organisations
I.T strategies, evaluations and complex technical projects.

Our experience with large companies - scaled appropriately - is yet another benefit we bring small/medium clients.

Established for over 35 years , we offer continuity and dependability.

We never ‘push' technology for technology sake – we are driven by our clients' business requirements and
by the need to keep the clients' systems running well and with minimum downtime.

Our longevity in this business is testimony to our solid reputation for quality of service and know-how.
Be a partner to our success story

▲Whilst we are London based, our clients are spread geographically throughout the UK and abroad. Setting the appropriate solid infrastructure at the client and using remote access technology through the internet, distance is no longer a barrier to quality service.
▲With our wide range of I.T expertise on-board, our clients trust us to take good care of their network and I.T needs in their entirety. But if you prefer, you can call on our help for a specific service or problem.
Passionate about perfection

We adapt our services to suit each client's unique environment and needs.
▲We constantly strive to ensure our clients get value from the technology.
▲We aim to minimise our clients systems' downtime.
▲We achieve this by a pro-active approach, by working out-of-hours when necessary, and by responding fast to problems should any arise.